With Tiny.ie, you can set up cross domain conversion to track your conversion. So, what is cross domain conversion? Cross domain conversion is when your landing page and the actual conversion page are at on separate domain. For example, you have shortened an article but your objective is to track the conversion of the purchase on your website, you will then need to use cross domain conversion.

To do this,

1. Go to "Tracking" from your Tiny.ie account.

2. Copy the Conversion Tracking script to your conversion page. For example, the thank you page for the conversion.

3. Go to short links and locate the short link that you wish to enable cross domain conversion.

4. Click on the the 3-dot (...) icon.

5. Select "Custom Link" on the drop down menu. 

6. Under "Conversion Domain" section, enter in the domain where the conversion will be taking place. For example, "https://your-domain.com/"

7. Then, click Save.

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